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Abc's Of Poetry
JKR (September 8,1952 / Flint, Michigan)

Abc's Of Poetry

Awakening the Muse within
Breath of Goddess Cerradwen
Calling now, my soul to bare
Deep into Her poet's lair
Every word shall spin a story
From a Muse who's in Her glory
Gracing me with poems and prose
Handing me a fragrant rose
Inner truth begs to be heard
Just a single quiet word
Keeps me writing every minute
Love will make its way within it
Musing may come naturally
Nature-created spirituality
O, Sweet Goddess of my soul
Poetry has made me whole
Quoting Thee has stirred my Muse
Real wisdom I can use
Seeds were sown by Goddess' hand
Tossed upon this fertile land
Under a watchful eye doth grow
Victorious release, a letting go
While the language of poetry
Xpresses feelings deep in me
You, my Muse, will light my fuse
Zealously and forever amused!

(I penned this poem in the summer of 2007 as a teaching tool for a 3-day poetry workshop I gave at the 4th Annual Mothergrove Gathering in Brohman, Michigan. This was the first exercise I handed out...a sheet of paper with the alphabet printed vertically down the left margin. I asked my students to write their own poem, using this format. There were some very creative ones read aloud the next morning. I ran across mine today, so I decided to post it here.)

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A very clever composition! What fun.........