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Abdul Kalam - A Precious Diamond In Indian Kingdom

84 Years ago in a Small Town
India had never dreamt of this Priceless Crown

Started working for small wage
Was Bright and Hard worker age by age

His Speech and Quotes were very Bold
Far Better than Priceless Shining Gold

2002-2007 was India's Golden Age
That Brought back all of India's Rich Heritage

APJ Was right to be Called India's Pride
His Memories will always wave like a Ocean Tide

Proud to be Called as India's Missile Man
Indeed he is more than a Great Human

He s the Finest Gem in Indian Throne
Millions will remember him and always Mourn

He Left us all with Huge Tears
His Inspiration made millions come out of their Fears

His Sparkling Speech Traveled every corner like a Morning Dew
Its Now our Turn to make his Dream Come True

A True Humble Leader whose place to be replaced is Impossible
We All Wish RIP Meant to be Return If Possible

by Prijith David

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praising his simplicity and his knowledge and wisdom. tony
A good start with a nice poem, Prijith. Read my poem Love and L u s t. Thanks..
Beautiful tribute to a great personality. Loved the new meaning of RIP.
A heartfelt and a rich tribute to Kalam Sir, a great son of India. Above all, he had assimilated the diverse Indian culture in his personality. Thanks, Prijith.