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Abe Vs The Kgb
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Abe Vs The Kgb

Poem By gershon hepner

“Mr. Rosenthal, we’re really not
in any courtroom here, ”
to Abe a K.G.B. hotshot
declared. Abe had no fear
to challenge him and to respond:
“I will ignore your grudges;
although of courtrooms you aren’t fond,
all people are your judges.”

Abe echoed Abraham who pleaded
for Sodomites with God;
his single voice was heard and heeded,
although it sounded odd.
When we are on our bended knees
God sometimes may agree
to our objections and our pleas,
unlike the K.G.B.


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Comments (4)

Great poem Gershon. Please check out my art work at Facebook. I did the work with my computer's mouse. It is pretty hard to use a mouse to draw with in Window's Paint Program. Most of the work is done with a mouse, but a few are not. May God bless us all-MJG.
This is well done. I learned about a piece of history that I had never heard before, but it was done in such a memorable, light manner that I suspect it will remain in my brain for longer than if I had simply been told this information in some dry class room setting.
I wish I could make a retort like that, just once.
I like the way you play it, Gershy. Love, Gina.