She's treading on still..

As has been so far

by Indira Renganathan Click to read full poem

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a beautiful work, well done.
Indira, this is a beautiful work with much depth in sense. 10+++
A fine work. Hemingway's message through 'The old man and the sea' is clear - Man can be defeated but never destroyed. The central character of the poem justifies this. Yes. If you see the mental capacity of old generations, it is something incomparable. We have to learn many things from our older generations. Their inner strength was far more than what we could ever imagine. Far from the din of the world, they led a peaceful life, accepting the variety of life without a prejudiced heart. This is what we should try to copy in our life.
she seems oblivous to what is unimportant, and very tuned in to what is
Explicit poem that portray the kind of ability that is innate!
a thoughtfull composition indeed..............thanks
another nice poem of yours.
a strong influential write... inspiring....10
yes, still treading on...and she will continue to...times irrespective...you said it so well, madam...thanks for sharing the feeling 10/10
Great tribute to the Greatest!