PR (08-01-1948 / Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Abjured Dreams

When reality enacts a crucial drama
life perspires for a longing relief in brief

Craving hunger as a transmute witness
wins over the effervescence of silence
and continues to sound lilt in lyrics
like syllables sprung as octaves in quaint entity

Amazing sea maneuvers the magic weaves of waves
and surrenders itself completely prostrating before the strands of stands
if necessary only with an ardent belief to arrest
the thrust of the surging storm tides running fast in high aloft

It is an enforcement of tsunami or Hurricane Rita in my life
when she disowns my affection and belongingness in love
and spreads alone the thick darkness all over
This attitude of hers now a days has become the order of the day

Distraught memories haunt my sleepless nights
and disowned rare candour straddles the abjured dreams

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