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The Four Seasons : Spring
( / Connecticut)

The Four Seasons : Spring

Poem By James Thomson

If someone has shown,
To have made known...
Their inability to see life,
From a point of view...
Many accept to expect,
Others to also do too.
This in some places,
Can be overlooked to dismiss...
As forgetfulness.
Even though far fetched,
Is this exception.

What for the majority of people,
Raised to follow rules.
Laws to obey.
And taught respect and discipline.
As normal behavior.
With being responsible and accountable,
For every action they take.
To feel remorse without excuses to make.
Is as ordinary as observing people,
Doing something we all have done to do.

And this...
Many may consider normal.
As remarkable as these times can be.
There are some people.
And quite a few of them around.
Raised to believe,
Those who admit..
Having feelings for others...
To actually admit them felt to exist.
Is a sign of weakness.
And abnormal behavior.
Taught from childhood to suppress.
Or express unless,
Having wealth and fortune...
Is used to excuse one's human imperfections.
To detect or suspect,
Receiving respect they will get.

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