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IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)



I suffer from a strange disease.
A most peculiar malady,
I do exactly as I please
I do not seek a remedy
I’m growing old disgracefully
it’s much more fun than being staid.
Revel in eccentricity.
I’ve no reason to be afraid
of what some people think of me.
All of the people I respect
accept a certain levity.
As for the rest I don’t expect
that they would dare not to conform
to what they perceive as the norm.


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Love it, 'The Road Less Travelled' all the way. It's a shame that it takes years to be where you should of been all your life. Another great wr. 10++
Abnormality? Sounds more like you are being yourself and no one can do that better then you. Lovely poetry piece. Enjoyed it.
...wonderfull composition indeed......10
Wonderful poetic statement...I couldn't agree more. This is exactly how I feel...most the time :) I very much enjoyed this poem. It was a very fun read.
yes ivor, your bloday right in this.evray team we goat oldar.there'd be sorm kindef abnormality surrounds us.evray day i'd thinking this gotta happen to me worn day.im just waitin four my bloday team to kom. werd a bloday piece you goat cheer ivor.
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