I suffer from a strange disease.
A most peculiar malady,

by ivor or ivor.e hogg Click to read full poem

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Love it, 'The Road Less Travelled' all the way. It's a shame that it takes years to be where you should of been all your life. Another great wr. 10++
Abnormality? Sounds more like you are being yourself and no one can do that better then you. Lovely poetry piece. Enjoyed it.
...wonderfull composition indeed......10
Wonderful poetic statement...I couldn't agree more. This is exactly how I feel...most the time :) I very much enjoyed this poem. It was a very fun read.
yes ivor, your bloday right in this.evray team we goat oldar.there'd be sorm kindef abnormality surrounds us.evray day i'd thinking this gotta happen to me worn day.im just waitin four my bloday team to kom. werd a bloday piece you goat cheer ivor.
Well sir... do what pleases you, I hope I can do the same when I get old as you! Great write, a 10.
I hope this 'strange disease' is contagious. I would lie back and revel in the ailments. A wonderful poem! Susan :)
Living life to the full, can't fault that my friend..doing what you please, and you have written this most important fact of life with brilliance. Tips his hat....great work sir. *10* best wishes.......spread the love Jon.
You don't need a remedy, there is no abnormality! Doing exactly as you please; it Sound like that is no disease! Growing old should be some fun, not just for US, but everyone! Great read *10*! ! Best regards, Friend Thad
heheh interesting 'im growing old disgracefully' and i do what i please. That's great, but isnt the fun part of growing old that you can do whatever you want? awesome one Ivor