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(April 30th 1983 / )


Poem By Mihai Cosmescu

It is today I think of you the most.
You, whom I've known for centuries, and here's
These lines I'm writing now, oh, not to boast
That I have known you, but that I have fears
Of what you are, of what I hope you'll be
Of what I want, in abnormality,
Of all I knew was right and have forsaken,
And which my soul, alas! has overtaken.

Perhaps you take me for no more than jest,
Perhaps I am to you a little more...
But I have learned to take the waves abreast,
And so I come to thee, up to your door,
To thee, to me, to what I dream shall be,
Up to thine heart, in abnormality,
And, almost, I expect to be forsaken,
As I have been before, and undertaken.

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Comments (2)

I agree with Linda. this poem is Gothic in feel and it reminds me book and movie 'An Interview with the Vampire'. I can imagine this poem could have been written by Lestat to one of the hundreds of poeple he has met over his long ageless life.
i found this highly enjoyable and a little gothic...good work