Abolishing The Primitive Consciousness

All the way, the self sought for
light and freedom.
It attains it at the deepest levels
of human personality now.

The self is remade, transformed
and has at last unified itself.

The transformation of personality
abolishes the primitive consciousness
of selfhood and substitutes for it
a wider consciousness.

by Genova Maaa my mother

Comments (3)

Here the writer is saying, right below the surface of The Primitive Consciousness' lies a deeper level of Consciousness. With transformation of personality one could attain such. A well philosophically expressed poem here......10+++
Human personality ever needs deepest essence of light and mercy of God. Human soul needs transformation ever. The primitive consciousness of self-hood comes towards real consciousness of Godly perception. Self is sought for light and freedom. In deepest level of inner conscience soul realizes this. This is brilliantly drafted and excellently expressed deeply philosophical poem that shows light of wisdom....10
Along the spiritual path the mystic travelled, the self sought illumination and free will. Now, it receives these desires at the most profound elevations of the mortal psyche now. The self is reshaped and reconstructed and has now finally fused itself. The change in the persona dissolves the primordial awareness of individuality and replaces it with a more advanced awareness.