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We Can't be Silent Anymore!
All Our Voices Need to be Heard!
Jesus is the Giver of Life!
It States it in God's Word
For All those who can Not speak
Just like in the day, Rachel Weeped!
For All her Children that were Killed
By the Sword of the Soldiers
We can Not Stand Still!
Allowing this to happen, It's Just the Same!
When an Abortion takes place
Only difference is, You don't know the Baby's Name!
Let's Pray for Justice! Let's Speak Out Loud!
For All the Unborn Babies
Whose Lives are at Stake!
By the decisions Others Make!
Abortion Needs to be STOPPED!
It's Not what God had Planned! Babie's are Gifts!
Let's Make a Stand! Be Silent No More!
For God is the Giver of Life!

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