The blow was very cruel,
The bud could not blossom,
It died underneath,
And who cares?

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir Click to read full poem

Comments about Abortion

Sally Plumb Plumb 20 Sep 2017 06:38
Over excited you say.Would have been a good flower.
Kameswara Rao Chellapilla 23 Apr 2017 06:30
Very Philosophical poem. All is accidental and based on probable situations I guess!
Alex Walker 17 Nov 2012 04:52
This poem really packs a punch. It may be small, but it has so much to read into. I enjoy it.
Marissa Rodgers 24 Sep 2012 09:39
This poem is very well written and to the point. After reading a second time I read even more into it. Very nice! May God be with and protect all the unborn babies!
Siyabonga A Nxumalo 16 Nov 2011 02:52
simple and well written, , outstanding..i give you 10++ here Akmal.
Esther Ayala 25 Jul 2011 05:42
I love reading your Poems, though it seems more like Poetry, beautiful! I only wish I could write more poetry. I'm just not good at reading the meanings behind it, I have difficulty in understanding, it takes great talent to do something like that. Please read and rate my poem on an Unborn Child, it is also on abortion.
Lariel Morihsta 22 Jul 2011 11:14
i see what you are trying to say in this poem, truthfully it is a good poem, but by playing with the words, you can make it more stronger. Keep it up
Mark Louie Cañete 12 Jul 2011 08:42
very realistict it mirrors what is happening in the present! keep it up!
Siyabonga Sikhakhane 12 Jul 2011 05:27
Simple and intense I like it
Alistair Fraser-peters 11 Jul 2011 05:25
Its succinctness felt like a very sharp knife suddenly ending a very fragile life and left me momentarily stunned: therefore it has done its job extremely well. I don't like to rate works of art - that's Simon Cowell territory: -)
Eman Awad 10 Jul 2011 11:52
so simple and really well written, amazing, it describes abortion perfectly well done, rated 10 ofcourse...
Trinny Ruizi 09 Jul 2011 05:37
So true! I liked it, it is good
Khembottra Oum 08 Jul 2011 12:37
Really good poem. Not the kinda topic I usually read but good nonetheless.
Akshita Yadav 08 Jul 2011 06:05
well written, precise in emotion as well as description
David Taylor 07 Jul 2011 06:10
nice, thanx for reading, commenting and rating mine too :)
Adisty Mulianty 06 Jul 2011 08:03
wow, , , in just simple words u describe the emotion inside... wonderful piece.. rate it 10 - very nice indeed....
Alfonso Siverls 06 Jul 2011 06:41
Very good, i could feel the strong emotions in the poem. I rate it 10
Antonio Liao 05 Jul 2011 11:59
It’s a renaissance of birth of Life....a victory in the making....a concept crafted to preserve mankind....hope and pray that all must read this kind of Lines...God bless and a 10 +++++
Micmac Mccrory 05 Jul 2011 08:53
A very good description of abortion. This would make a perfect description in a dictionary for abortion.
Kaycie Cooper 05 Jul 2011 02:26
It was short and too the point, but yet, there's so much said in between those lines. A well written message, a 10 in my book. Bravo.