ND (9/4/1993 / Oxford)

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There was once a boy
Who was born to very devoted parents
He lived in a safe, middle class area of London
And he was breastfed
And he would listen to the Smiths
Because his Dad liked and put it on
And he was happy

There was once a boy
Who made friends with other boys in his class
And he went to a houseparty
And shared a bottle of Bacardi
He danced to the Killers
Because his friends liked it
And he was happy

There was once a boy
Who fell in love with a girl
She took him ino her room
And shared a quater
While they listended to the Cure
Because she loved Robert Smith more than him
But he was still happy

There was once a boy
Who's girlfriend left him for a harier man
So he went to a club
And swallowed a smilie
Before thrashing to the Prodigy
Because thats what the DJ always played in the shithole
Yet he was still happy

There was once a boy
Who hung with a bad crowd
And he moved into their van
And piped all night long
While he wrote music that sounded like Judas Priest
Because It displayed his hatred to his mother
And despite the self-harm scars he was happy

There was once a boy
Who thought about his life for too long
And became sad
So he injected black skag, cheaper than the needle
While he listened to the Smiths
Because it expressed his pain
And he would gulp down what he was told for spare change... to make him happy

There was once a boy
Who fucked up
And put the blame on himself
So he was put on methadone,5 times a day
While he listened to complete silence
Because he wasn't allowed a radio in the rehab
And it was too late to be happy

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Comments (4)

a very sad poem indeed but well told.......poignant. Ruthie
I once read a poem similar to yours, starting out with a good boy and who gets his assignments with gold stars on the refrigerator. as time goes on his parents get divorced, i think one of his friends or siblings die, his pictures on the refrigerator are forgotten, till one day he puts a poem on it (the same poem you are reading) and draws his own gold and cuts his wrists. I've always liked those poems because of the simple repetition and its simple changes. This poem is incredible...you should write more like it. You can find the poem i described in a book called 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky.
I think just about everyone can pin point songs or bands that sing the song of every stage or phase of their lives. For all who have been there, you make it easy to relate.
I love this poem. Its so deep and true