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About Building Castles In The Air
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

About Building Castles In The Air

Poem By rajagopal haran

Tired of the road so tough
Looking for the meaning
Turned around to see the big and small
To revisit and review
The sorrows of humanity
To find food for pleasure if any!

First answer came from oldies gold
Blind deaf and dumb
Seeing hearing and speaking
Sighting the moon on a new moon day
Superstar Rising in the west
And finding a man contented!

Turned to scientist for a rationale
“Reality an illusion though persistent”
Hopped to seers to be stumped clean
“Good and evil illusion”
Paced to philosopher to get hybrid tale
“Life is the illusion and Death is the ultimate”

Introspection turning into topic
Settled down to stir my world
“Born alone live alone die alone
Create an illusion with love and care
That lots so many all around
For this moment we are not alone”

Tried to make out the times involved
Present fading fast into past
And future surging inside the present
Made me conclude that
“Distinction is a persistent illusion”
Am I building Castles in the Air?

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Comments (3)

Insighful piece.... the title catches the reader
great thought........introspecting the realities..a vivid description of hw u perceive things... reality sways.........tense has no meaning, future becomes past and so does life goes...........lovely pem, really hard thought.......loved it! ! ! !
Nice work, very introspective and insightful! Lilly :)