A Disagreement

Rebellion of youth hurts inside, a once docile timid little
guy now growing - a teenager - sixteen - and trying to find
his place in the world.

Not yet an adult - no longer a child - an unenviable position
in this hard core world of ours.

Taking a stand, adamantly proclaiming his independence,
wrongly cursing and yelling, thinking these things will
change anything.

They don't and frustration sets in, so he tries embarrassment
and humiliation in front of friends.

This works even less as every answer to his question now
becomes an outright, 'no'.

Attempting to control from every angle he can muster, does
no good because Mom is just as persistent in her stance.

Finally, realizing he cannot win, calm takes over, mouth
quiets down, he apologizes and we discuss everything in
complacent peace - at least until the next time we disagree.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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i like this loads! ! !