About Hungry Children And Land Mines

The children on the dark forgotten line
The line outside the side that has the dosh
The dosh that was intended for the stuff
the stuff of which there never is enough

Enough to feed the ones that are not us
Enough to clip invested interests first
Enough to care but not to care enough
Enough, Enough, Enough, Enough, Enough

I splattered on our boots and on the line
I spotted yours but you did not see Mine
I spotted Mine hung up there in a tree, with
eyes and nose and mouth and bits on me

Almost anything is cheaper than a script
Almost any passing guilt will work the till
Almost any fool’s Reality will thrill
Almost anything you find puts 'content' in

we click their laughing faces and move on
we satellite their trauma ‘round the world
we let our readers pick out which one dies
we leave them to starvation and to flies


No child was fed during the writing of this poem
and no child’s live was avoidably extended

by Sean Joyce

Comments (2)

very touching one..nicely penned
Nifty idea on a poem and you seem to have carried it off with aplomb. Adeline