TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)

About Me And Why Im Alive

I am juss a lost person in this world. I am a very confused person lookin at da life from a cloud of smoke. I am juss another person seekin help from the wise. I am a 14yr old girl from the Northern Cheyenne Rez. I am a sender seekin help from the people to scared to ask. I am a lost and confused person waitin for a way back home. I am a left behind member of a eager group of people that dont know the meanin of anythng they come along in this journey. I am a left behind member but was left behind to try and find the true meanin of life and why we are all here. I am juss a messenger tellin the normal race of people that the end is near. I am a messenger sayin we can stop the end tho but we all gtta wrk together. I am a messenger of the great and almighty leader which I follow until I meet him spirt to spirt. I am a Killsnight that needs help like all the others of my kind. I am a Killsnight hopein not to be a Killer and much more. I am a girl yernin for a life that a girl my age should have. I am a girl wantin my father and mother, grandpa and grandma, aunt and uncle, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. I am a lost soul on this place we call earth lookin for a away to escape all my troubles and pains. I am juss another lost and scared person lookin for a reason why to be alive and not like the others. I am a Northern Cheyenne Killsnight.

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awww..i love this poem bout u.. <3 this really waas a great poems kkep writing chic luv ya always ~Ash~ :)