We suspected that the fatuous grins
can bring on so much sins,
I sat alone at night
Watching the street frights
Right out my own living room
Sometimes it feels life is
Stuck between black and white
In a world, we call Broken
Where life is making so many
Has gone to a point of breakdown
Always fighting who's right
And who is wrong
Playing that same old song
But life keeps beating on
So many decisions
So many delays
So much time wasting away
my work I write is like
an undeveloped rhyme
I write day and night
Just were haters cut down my lines
I feel as if I am lost in a dark film
where nothing but horror
Is always knocking at my door,
My heart feels so damaged
While I drink so more
Oh. This pain
Is bring on more rain
I slightly open my bedroom window
To let in some fresh air
But all I found is the winters blues
The wind that cries at me time and time again
I prayed and I wished this old nightmare would go away,
I sit alone and I write
I tell myself what it would feel like
To be the beginning of something
But somehow my mind stays stuck in a broken past
I see no future for me
Because others are trying so hard
to live my life for me
Damaged is how I truly feel
Broken in a life of a living hell
Damaged is in black and white
That will never be right in this life
But I will always keep writing what it is I bleed.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017 Time 11: 00am 5.4.017

by Poetic Judy Emery

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a welcome Ronabelle Salvador, Scott Ransopher Just now · Unlike · 1
Hasmukh Mehta wlcome desch nekesa n razan elshaer Just now · Unlike · 1
I love this poem, as a student of economics finding the balance between need and want is very difficult but money was created to make the transactions easier, yet in the capitalise system things don't always go as planned there is poverty and unequal share of wealth. But survival is a must. This poems speaks of reality.
I like this poem Cath Wareing6 minutes ago So true for so many Comment +1
Money and ethics Rupika Moitra6 minutes ago Great message. Comment +1
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