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About My Fall

About My Fall


He cast me off from his garden high,
But! made me his agent on the earth,
I found to my utter perplexity here,
There was no inhabitant on this sphere,
Why should there be!
No sensible being would love to be here,
Does it mean I am doomed to live a senseless life?
No! God reminds me, I am born to be the supra intellegent thing,
God reminds me I am a thing with his soul,
I didn't know he had breathed into me from his spirit own,
He keeps on casting me off his garden -
I keep on travelling to his garden,
Along my chosen path, asserting my free will,
Each time satan leads me off the right track-
some infatuation, some addiction to damsels, some earthly pomp and show,
some green pastures shown to me,
Such that I do not reach back to the garden lost,
But, each time I shed off some fragment of my false ego,
Until at last I came out of the abyss of self deception,
I gathered myself into a whole being,
And whisked myself into mystic silence,
This was the universal silence -
pervading and extensive,
I feel my life on the earth is either a dream or a nightmare,
At the end of my travelling in wilderness -
I plunge deep into the stillness - and visualize myself,
As the sound of some mysterious Windharp,
As the light of some mysterious lamp,
I am astounded to see myself back -
In the garden that I had left far behind,
My garden is adorned with effulgent light and mellow music.


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