(1955 / INDIA)

About Nine Crows

a group flies
of about nine crows
against the bright sky;
and each lands on a tall gum tree

by Raj Arumugam

Comments (4)

I love crows; there are so many stories and myths about them. It seems if they didn't exist someone would have had to invent them, doesn't it? This is an elegant piece, my friend.(and I would like to see a gum tree some day!) .
Nature and dark birds in flight on a bright sky, the imagery is beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)
interesting craft about the crows in purposeful picturesque............Thanks!
if these birds would find food in the sky...i wonder if they would ever come down..love birds as a subject for poem...please read my 'a silent sight' if you haven't...true sir their perfection is amazing