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About Survival And Life
( / Connecticut)

About Survival And Life

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There are so many things I have learned,
About survival and life and healing from pain.
I've learned that those who ignore,
Others doing their best to painfully survive...
Will eventually learn a few lessons themselves.

And for some who shun others as an expectation,
Especially those...
Unaccustomed to being shunned themselves,
The pain to them that comes will be incredible.

An adjustment aided by one's hindsight often helps.
Allowing lessons as lessons are to be taught and learned,
No matter how difficult the acceptance is....
To provide just the right amount of significant influence.

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I think this poem is so....true. I like the way you wrote the poem, and also the way this poem tells about the survival and life. This poem is somehow full of wisdom I've never seen. Nice poem :)