God Gave Us Mom And Dads

God gave us mom and dads
Because they gave us a life to live
And we learn from our mom and dads
And they gave us Love and Kindness
And we should give some of that kindness back with Love.
They teach us the Value of Love
Just as God teaches us the Value of Faith.
So we shall Love our mom and dads
For a while until they die!
So Thank you God for
Ward O. Bretz 2-14-91
Elizabeth "G" Bretz 9-27-95
Clifford "G" Olson 11-28-94
Love of Notre Dame! Angels above and Angel's
Below turn the world the
worlded of Gold. Look in
your heart for love of
old. See the people in the spirits of Blue tell
me God what shall we do.
We will play with open arms.
Until we catch the
Ball the Ball of Gold.
So Play like Saints today
Notre Dame Play Like Saints today
Notre Dame. Reach out for the star's in the
Glory of the Game.
Make us proud of you
to cheer in his Name
Love of Notre Dame!

by Denise Pfannkuche

Comments (5)

......a wonderful read and excellent tribute ★
agonizing over poetry, I like it.
So where do I find his farewell poem?
and i think the reason tu fu was *second* best poet was because of all the agonizing he goes through; tu fu's poetry is about war and politics, li po's about nature and wine - i think this gives li po an unfair advantage when it comes to beautiful poetry.
The greatest poet in China thinking fondly about the second greatest poet in China, what a poem!