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About Your Tactics
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About Your Tactics

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

'You should learn and practice,
The meaning of forgiveness.'

Learn and practice?
That act I've done to do,
Most of my life.

'Then there is something about your tactics,
I have heard it said is unfair.'

I am not aware of any unfair play.
Not consciously done,
By me...
In any way!

'When you were being deceived and backstabbed too,
Difficult it is for me to believe,
You didn't know who was doing it and what to you.
And now their actions have found them,
Openly embarrassed and highly offended.'

If they have done something to me or anyone,
That has left them feeling less than proud.
What has that got to do,
With the way 'I' practice forgiveness?

You see,
Rumor has it...
You were unappreciative of the way they went about it.'

I find it better not to get involved,
In someone else's creativity.

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