Above All

Above all life's turmoil
Above the flood of uncertainties,
Shroud in the morrow
Above the waves of doubt,
Buffetin' against our shores,
Above the currents of fear,
That daily permeate our faith
Above the ferocious storms
Harassin' our lives
Above the dissenting headlines
That apprehend our peace
Above the constant nags of naysayers.
Challengin' our dreams
Above the boundaries of our parochial perceptions
That encircled us
Above the wind of our insecurities
That obscures our visions
Above the ruse of human flutter'd alliances
Above the army of hazards each day convey
That might cause our demise
Above the limits of our frail existence,
May you soar above them all,
As you're meant to.

by Dave Dafes

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