Angels And Demons:

the warmth of their lights,
the chill of their shadows,
the delighted face of a holy being,
the evil laughter of a demonic thing,
floating through the lights,
cloaked inside the shadows,

they're all in this fight,
for Holy Salvation,
for Demonic Chaos,
for Love and Life,
for Fear and Pain,

oh, they fight,
oh how they fight,

like Angels,
like Demons,
like Soldiers in a War,
the Dead left to & fro,
Blood spilled like Holy Water,
Limbs twitching in Desperation,
Loved-Ones lost within It's Chaos,
For Fear, Death, Pain are rejoicing,
For Love, Life, and Joy are sorrowed,

the total All-consuming Fear spread in their War,
the complete Blinding Panic of their Chaotic Battle,
And yet all the Blood spilled upon Sacred grounds,
Has yet to Answer one simple question,
is this Blood letting, this Slaughter, is it worth it?
for the Visions that are fought so desperately for,
Are one of Life, of Love, and of Rejoicing,
Or one of Fear, of Death, and of Pain-Filled Life,
and yet they have not Answered that one Question,
is all this worth it?
it can be.....
Wednesday,8: 39 A.M.,5/16/2012

by Daimon Ferguson

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The Lord wants reapers: oh, mount up, Before night comes, and says, 'Too late! '- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -A defining couplet. To follow is to serve.
Great appeal to work and to serve; very eloquent.
In the valley-land! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
In God's ripe fields.....thanks for posting.....
It ends with thought of God.Following that (light) if finding HIM in a valley land where twilight is very dark due to it being covered by high hills.
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