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*the Making Of The Alphabet Poems
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

*the Making Of The Alphabet Poems

the rule should be to find a word that defines the letter

like for Letter S,
I define it as shining
and find words with Letter S that relates anything to shining...
Sparkle, luster, Sun, Star

or for letter L,
I defined it as something from above
and I find words with L that refers to it
like altitude, angels, or anything with L that you can refer to your description of L..

I'm making letter D I relates it with door..
so will make a poem about words with D and relates to door like
a security guard, guards the door of the bank
a Dog can guard the door of your house.

Desire is the door to fulfillment or ambition
Dream is the door to achievement
Discernment is the door to a good decision
something like that...


Sometimes, I get side tracked...
and lost sometimes with the main definition I supposed to have for the letter...

Like for A, I should have built it as something that negates
but lost with words... Antiseptic...agnostic, apathy
so made the letter A poem with any words like
Acceptance and

~Champs Ulysses Gubantes Cabinatan

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Comments (3)

Excellent, Ivor, atmospheric & deeply satisfying: just a shame it didn't come earlier enough in the year to share with my students, as changing syllabus means we're not doing the Romans now! Many thanks
Splendid poem Ivor! Capturing start to finish! *10*! ! Do Roman ghosts still guard those walls I bet they (still) do their duty's call! Best regards! Friend Thad
I missed seeing your poems here, :) You're so good at story-telling. Awesome poem, Ivor. As always, lol.