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Above And Beyond The Non
( / Connecticut)

Above And Beyond The Non

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Above and beyond the non.
Or a time to think of that ends.
To go on undetected.
Yet sitting to deliver a multitude of benefits.
And claimed to be anonymous frontiers.
By those fearing to leave their comfort zones.
Although peering and awaiting 'is' the unknown.
From unseen places to reveal to someone...
A doing to uncover this to discover,
With it done.

I am here to accept challenges.
To adventure and pioneer without fear,
The rough and untouched paths unpaved.
To say and make it known and shown to 'myself',
I have made attempts with faith convinced...
I will 'and' I can explore to expose,
Those boundaries others are content to limit.
My mind is kept motivated with initiative and curiosity,
That leaves me feeling blessed to test and accept...
New and fresh experiences with God as my best,
Tour guide.

Within my mind I hear these words to me spoken,
'I Am near and here with you always.
Let go of fear to face.
Or obstacles I can and will erase.
Adventure and explore ALL that I have created.
That's all that I ask of you.'

That's wassup.
You feel me?

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