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Above The Clouds
PC (11/26/58 / New Haven CT)

Above The Clouds

Poem By Paul Cutting

the moon is always smiling against It's darkened shroud
the stars are always dancing to the abundance they bow
the clouds are always laughing so elegant and proud

so if your heart is broken and you are feeling down
and you can't find good reason not to scream to God aloud
O'God why have you forsaken me underneath this darkened Cloud

then just Run out side right now, go now

Dance with the Stars!
Smile with the moon!
Laugh with the clouds!

and just remember this:

the sun is always shinning you need only rise above those clouds

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Comments (16)

we have to rise above the darkened clouds to see the sunshine...Congratulations..
Congrats' on having your poem voted as 'poem of the day'! Well-written poem and well deserved honor. Thanks for sharing!
How do we go about doing these things? Are the clouds really laughing? Can you actually dance with the stars? How do you smile with the moon? I dont care for the unrealistic view in this poem. If you can be positive and happy, then go for it. But I choose to learn from the the clouds when they cry, accept the moon even if it frowns, and find beauty in the stars when they fall.
The ending of this poem starting with those exquisite three lines Dance with the Stars! Smile with the moon! Laugh with the clouds! was delightful :)
what a lovely poem...I love its positivism...