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Above The Law
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Above The Law

Too much trash
Too much pain
Too much hurt
Too much life

That's all it is to me, one negative instance after another
Good only wins in the movies
Evil triumphs in this world of ours
If it were not so, then these atrocities would not occur
Such a cacophonous symphony of death and suffering
Would not be the background for my very existence
I would say it's all meaningless
But the overwhelming sense of pain
The pang of loneliness
The strangle hold of isolation
The pessimism that fuels a consuming fire of depression
Like coals each trite observation engulfs me

Why do I feel this way you might ask?
Have you not seen this world?
Have you decided to ignore the bad?
How could you ignore these evils?
How could you overlook the injustice?
The light shines brightest in the darkness
But what do you do when the darkness overwhelms the light
In a black sea of hopelessness
Yet I'd rather be blind, because to see
That's to witness all of this first hand

So what do you call a heart twice broken
What do you call a mirror that's been broken
And then shattered
We don't have adjectives to describe such pain
We just ignore it and watch our lives wain
We just watch them drain away
We try to feel them with a pursuit
We console ourselves with achievement
But the hurt is still inside
You can cover it but there's no healing

Then I decided I'd look past the world for once
If nothing in this world can help what about something foreign
Foreign to earth itself
Foreign to humanity
Foreign to all the hate
Foreign to evil itself
Could such a force exist?
Can anything stand up to the darkness?
I looked up to the stars and I saw light

I looked up and found God
I realized not the whole world was bad
It should be, but there's some inexplicable good
The elementary laws of our universe even depressed me
The second law of thermodynamics: The law of entropy
Things tend to disorder
Things break down
They pass away
Hot becomes cold
Alive becomes dead
Things rust, they don't become more complex they die
So I needed something greater than all the laws
Something to transcend my understanding
Because all I knew was the darkness
Then a God of light found me
I didn't want to believe it at first
But then I realized this is the savior that this world aches for
The one who would defeat the evil
The light to overcome the darkness
Because this light was made of pure love and power
Such love can stand up to the darkness
Not even the love and goodness of all humanity even stands a chance
But this God doesn't even need a fighting stance
His love envelopes the darkness in a consuming light
His fire consumes the burning darkness
His grace is comforting
Now I see the redemption

I found someone above the law
I found someone to comfort me
Now I can comfort others
Now I get to spread the hope
Now I must share the light
It is now time to go above the laws
To break the laws of nature
To show miracles
To show light
To consume the darkness

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Langston Hughes


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