SK (1904-1926 / Slovenia)

Life Is A Game

People may say life's a gift
But I say life is a game
Because you risk your life everyday
When you cross the road
When you get off the bus
When you walk to school
When you go out shopping or just out
You could be a targeted victim
Waiting to be stabbed, shot
Or cut up like a kebab
With blood pouring out everywhere
People will just watch and stare
They don't really care
That's why its like GTA
People think for one and one only
So you may think your lonely
But your not
You got your own god to re-lie on
So don't be scared
Just face your fears
Imagine its just a game
And you have a goal to achieve
And you have to play it right
Its like a game of chess
That's why I say life's a game
It turns some people insane
But you know what most people stay sane
And live life to the max
Like they've just won a jackpot
Like a little new born laying in a cot
Its all pure gold
So don't make it go
Because you'll feel cold
Like the snow
So don't waste your life being stoned
Getting moaned at
Chased down by feds
Just keep the bread and wine on the table
For your lovely wife and kids
So remember life is a game
Just play it right and you'll come out with the respect
You'll be the boss of your world
Just make sure you think about safety rules
So you don't end up looking like a retard that drools
With no balls
To stand up for what you believe in
Remember your fighting a war everyday
Just picture a dark blue sky
Just think of your happy memories before you die
And just say hi to the haters
And remember they are the creators of you
So don't think your a fool
Just because they don't think your cool
Life's a game
Life's a game
Don't forget it
Because you'll regret
it is a once in a life time opportunity to master it
You only live once
So do as you please
Life is a game
Life is a dramatic game
That a few wouldn't want to play

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