Above The Town

Oft did I wander as a child
On the hills above the town,
Away from calling voices, loud,
To be alone, rejoicing in the world I found,
Above the mellee, and the crowd.
There saw I bluebells, forest bound,
And I could dream my childhood there.
Saw I bird and mouse and flower,
Passing many a happy hour.

Above in stillness where I sat,
Watching curling smoke from stacks,
knew I nothing of the real world then,
but, growing, knew it had to end.
My peace, and hours of solitary roam
Among the hills above my home
Or wandering but a shady brook,
And even now I love to stray
Where willing fancy paints my way,
I hold a paint brush in my mind,
And of the pictures that I see,
I always bring them home with me.


by Daphne Grant

Comments (3)

Nice, there's a warmth there, a feeling of safety for me.
Absolutely loved this one Daphne, the flow was excellent and the subject just as much so. I used to live in Southampton by the way in Millbrook. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thank you. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX Bless you for reading my poem too. Thanks.
a reverie of utmost beauty the grace of nature sending sweet images into your soul as this poem gives to all