Abraham Lincoln

Poem By Gajanan Mishra

O Abraham Lincoln,
Where are you now
I do not know,
But I know your statement
Democracy of the people
By the people and for the people
Is not relevant today,
Let me say present day
Democracy is for the money
Of the money and by the money,
People in general are
Just instruments in the hands
Of the rich and powerful
We the beholders, are the fools.

Comments about Abraham Lincoln

What you have stated is very much the truth.... Abraham Lincoln's definition of democracy has lost relevance in these days when money rules...... by money and for money! During this election time, we see the tarnished face of Democracy!
What you stated in the poem must be realized by people particularly when elections are close.
How unfortunate that you seem to be correct! Yet remember how much more democratic... really democratic... we are today than we were in Lincoln's day. And what is the alternative to democracy? I think Churchill once remarked that democracy is a bad system... but much better than any alternative. Anyway, good poem! Keep writing!

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