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MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)


In the middle of the night
When you weep, do you wish
That I were there beside you?
To soothe your tides and wipe
Your brow, take away the pain?

Do you wish that I could sit
On the edge of your bed and
Look into your eyes, place a hand
On your shoulder and just by
Feeling you, take some of the burden?

When you walk to the store
For groceries, do you turn to me
And ask what I'd like for dinner?
Even though I'm not there?
Would you laugh and say 'you can't cook'?

When you play music, is it ever
For me? Do you hear me on your strings
Do my violins scream in your ear
Do you ever wish I were near
To sing a song with you?

When you shower away life's cares
Do you dream that I am there?
Soaping your troubles down the drain
Pushing your hair from your face
And channeling away hurt with the water?

As you gaze upon a sunny morn
Can you hear the whisper of my voice
Carried on a rainbow's end, finding
It's way to you, and jumping into
Your veins and making you dance?

Down the street you go, people look
They stare and wonder, what's going on?
Do you chat to me, in solitude?
Not caring who can hear....
Just happy to have a conversation with me?

Do you come home of the evening.
Lean your back against the door...
Sigh and look around, feeling the
Apartment is empty, no warmth? No
Love shining through the window...

Do you ever look for me in
Starry nights, when the owls hoot
And share their ghostly messages
Their wise eyes knowing, wishing these
Two lovers could find their way...

Do you ever think of me..?
Like I think of you, and pray
That some day this nightmare will end
That love will transcend, that all
We ever hoped for, would come true?

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Langston Hughes


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Michelle, this is as beautiful as it is sad. The call for love to someone who it would seem does not hear. The rhythm and the rhyme just carried me gently along as I read. A wonderful poem that deserves more than the 10 I could give it. Thanks for sharing it my friend, David.