Age old saying about marriage,
Sacred bonding and not carriage,
It is not freedom from cage,
Necessarily arising with completion of age,

No one thought of its sanity,
What are marriage and its utility?
Does that stand for population continuity?
Permanent bond and relation in amity,

New relations with two families union,
End of sour relation and exit form oblivion,
Finding perfect match as true companion,
With gala dance and lavish dishes in pavilion,

So long confined within limits, can be perfect,
Enhancing prestige and image with great impact,
Adding to civility with understanding and respect,
Surely it is an arrangement and not a pact,

Lavish spending is not necessarily,
Simple marriage with blessings happily,
Out of reach expenditure will be simply silly,
Not a wise steps but committing folly,

Parent may suffer on account of marriage,
Colossal waste of money can’t manage,
Adding to worry with heavy burden,
Pressure may be high to tackle it sudden,

With over of ceremony no more worry,
Calm all over and nothing to hurry,
Simple way of parting beloved one,
Sharing of joy but pain by none

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Who is the girl standing in the dark? A life without you, a life with you, the feelings of man haunting man or when he is lonely, all alone. It is absence which but twitches us sometimes; it is absence which but one feels it sometimes. My shadow, do you hear the streets? My presence, do you feel it?
Plz give the summary of the poem absence
please give the summary of the poem absence
Very nice, Thanks for sharing.
beautifully written... Thank you