TTO ( / Washington State)


Busy trying to keep--
My mind going...
To hide your absence...
I pick stars from--
The sky--
To wish upon;
However, never one
To delude myself...
I cover up with-
A heavy dose-
Of reality;
Mind you-
Its much -
Then mere stardust;
It will not allow...
For more than-
Just wishful-
For it is the
Absolute of Fate...
The root of-
Divine Providence-
That decides things;
That makes-
Or breaks-
A heart;
That makes--
Dreams come true...
Or cancels them out-
Rather like a --
Super Nova-
Oh so bright...
For just that long...!
And then it burns itself...
Out and is forever gone! ! ! ;

The Essence
September 4,2010

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