A Sunday In

A very good late Sunday morning babe
and I just want to spend this day in with you.
I just want to relax and rest
with the one I love the best,
and just share kisses as we
hold each other oh so close.
I want a Sunday in with you,
a whole day date for me and you.

I want a Sunday in to spend a good part
of the day in bed sitting up to read
and lying back while we talk
listening to music and audiobooks as well.
I longer for a Sunday in with the one
I so desire and adore helping you to know
just how much you mean and how great you are.
I want a Sunday in, a day long date with my only one,
and just share pure joy in all
the endless caring love we truly share.
A Sunday in with my sweet girl
is all I need and want more than anything there is.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (6)

Changing & treachèrous as the breath of LOVE
When at the sober hour of sinking day, Exhausted Nature steals to soft repose, - -nice image
Till death tear us apart. Nice work.
A beautiful romantic poem, so full of exquisite passion and a deep loss for the departed love.. am taking a print of this one to read and reread. thanks.
Fantastic longing for the love expressed in a passionate love song in memory of the departed lover with a wonderful flight of imagery. Enjoyed the touching sentiments expressed in the poem. Thanks for sharing.10++
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