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Absence Makes The Heart Forget
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Absence Makes The Heart Forget

Poem By Cez S.G.

Glum and resentful for the failed friendship
Thought for a while I could never recuperate
Took no notice of places we have been
As they bring memories of great pain.

Often wondered of his whereabouts
Has he considered me in his life without?
Even imagined him with a new lover
My heart bled, this I must conquer.

Days turned into weeks without interaction
I am slowly getting over the infatuation
Genuine smile now I can put on
As I am resolve to forget and be ok soon.

I am glad I kept my distance
Resisted the temptation to advance
Woes and loneliness are now fading
No more regrets, no more longing.

I look forward to a new beginning
Life with someone whom my heart can sing
No matter how bad my heart is broken
Life goes on and something good is gonna open

Absence makes the heart forget...

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