Absence Makes The Heart Grow Sweeter

E-ach absence makes the heart grow sweeter,
D-oesn't matter how far or near;
C-omplete and total devotion
E-manates from the love so dear.
L-et absence make the heart grow sweeter,
Y-es, even though you're miles away;
N-ot for a minute or second, true love never fades into gray.

P-ure heart grows sweeter in the distance,
O-n the twenty-seventh of July;
N-ever will it succumb to impatience,
T-olerance and forbearance never die.
I-t's a matter of absolute affection,
L-ove will last until forever;
L-ove exists without missing,
A-bsence makes the heart grow

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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