(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


This subject which I write on
However will I scrawl it
As I truly have a fright on
‘Cause, I really can’t recall it

When I’m preoccupied
With issues of the day
My brain will not provide
Recollections..gone astray

It’s not just a senior failing
As the young sometime insist
It hits everyone, this ailing
But in elders it persists

I’ve forgotten what it’s called
And feel I’ve been side-blinded
As my mind has somewhat stalled
Perhaps I’m absent-minded

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Comments (2)

It is likely that elders are absent minded due to their physical weakness and not due to fatigue of their minds. Old people are mentally strong and have more will power to withstand any strain than the younger generations. Am I not correct?
Oh Stan, not you! Fun poem Raynette