Sounds And Life Itself

no sound to disturd the peaceful silence, the peace and memories that linger in the halls.
one little sound can distroy the hollow moment... and one life can ruin another, take it away like light on the candle flame how easy is it to hurt someone? leave them to the point where they have no clue what to do..
It's amazing how something so small can hurt something so big.
But, silence. is no sound as if mouths were sitched together.. the silent scream i use to call it. unable to speak, unable to say a word out of horror, unable to say whats eating them up inside until, there's nothin els so.....tell me...whats next? whats comming after whats next? ...

by katie lindsey

Comments (3)

.....wonderful poem, spring is a great theme ★
Love Emily's poems. Always brightens my day.
Good one, I like it please check and review my poems