Poem Hunter
Absent Prayers
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

Absent Prayers


I find it easy to pray for
other people -
to wish them happiness
it makes me feel
virtuous and
a little bit righteous…
especially when praying for my enemies…

Oh! How I can pray for my enemies!
“those who have trespassed against…”
litany after litany
during dark nights
pacing the wooden floors
with my bare feet,
avoiding the accusatory reflections
of my own eyes
in bare windows…

“Pray for me! ” it says as I turn a corner
“Pray for me! ” as I go up the stairs,
my voice repeating incantations -
names of those I pray for –
my mouth forming the syllables
the many requests..
fervently I pray
for them
not for me

never for me

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Comments (10)

Wow man! Excellent! I am exactly the same way... for I know I am no worthy of prayers.
A very moving poem from a great poet
One of the best poems I ever read! A 10
Very readable, and thought-provoking too. Do we often pray for our enemies I mean?
I believe that God expects our prayers to be completely unselfish.I think he must be very pleased with yours. What a beautiful attitude you have, dear lady, and what a lovely poem you have written. Thank you. Richard
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