JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

Absolute Love [acrostic]

Almost never found,
But gorgeous at first sight,
Seen from a point of view almost no one has,
Obscure to the common sight,
Luxurious to those who accomplish it,
Utterly perpetuous for those who conserve it,
Tender enough to appreciate and an,
Extraordinary experience.

Loving to the outer most passion,
Of no absolute return,
Vulnerable at most, but,
Eternal when at its best.

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Beautiful poem Ever so heart-warming Also heart-warming Umbrella (For the un-returned love ;)) Truly beautifully written Infinity lives Far away, love can travel Unfortunately, not always true, Lovely, of course!
Live in your soul Do not live in your body Body is full of greed desires and lust Destined to be dust. Live in your soul To feel what you are And to feel what is your destination.
I love this! ! you are good and you are so young. that's good..
The best description of it ive ever read awesome
you didnt tell me you put 2 more new poems up! ! ughh eternal is SUCH a strong word. you used it very well. great job. x3, mill