TLS ( / New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA)

Absolute Truth

I asked a child of only nine what was true for her,
She looked at me for quite a time, as if it were absurd.
"There is but one," she did reply as if I should have known,
"How could you have become so blind as to your age have grown?
For you can see it everywhere if you choose to look,
But it's not something you will learn by reading many books."
I asked for proof that what she said was really possible,
If I couldn't hold it in my hand it wasn't plausible.
She claimed to see it everywhere, but I was filled with doubt.
So did she offer any proof of what it's all about?
"I think I know," she did explain "where you've gone astray.
You seem to have it backwards, don't look at things that way.
For you mustn't ask to see the truth before you can believe,
But rather you simply must believe before you'll ever see."

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