Poem By Sandra Osborne

I need to feel it
I need to wash
My sins away.

I'm always sinning,
It is my nature
I cannot see
Through this daze.

I cannot live
Without this failing
There isn’t much
That I can say.

Yes Absolution,
I need to feel it,
But I know it's never
Here to stay.

Comments about Absolution

Thank you Janice. I think it's immature kids roaming around. This poem was slammed back during the Paul thing, It is hard to soldier on, I haven't been writing anything new, I am glad you're back. :)
Sorry spelling slip..Site....
Yes the one's are still rolling in... Maybe I made the mistake of thinking this siste was a good place to experience sincere and genuine poetry critics. Maybe it is not as a good as I thought. You deserve the 10's girl. Hugs Jan
Ahhh the (1) boy or girl again. Took that score right down from 10 Well, I must say what an honor That it is to have this garner The same vote as AJS. Thank you, oh, thank you, yes. No, really, an honor. Thank You SO much.

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