I Want U, To Know One Thing.

I want u, to know one thing.
You know how I feel when a cuckoo sings,
How I feel when birds stretch their wings,
How I feel when soothing sound in air floats, of a ring.

These all reminds me the day with u.
All makes my feeling fresh for u.

I want u, to know one thing.
How I feel,
When a spider, to wound his net several times tries.
When in autumn all flowers & leaves get dried,
When an orphan from society gets quarantined.

These all reminds me that u separated me from Ur life.
How gruesome & lonely have become my life.

I want u, to know one thing.
You know how I feel when clouds float in sky.
When a blossoming flower feel shy,
When full moon glows at night.
When sun shines with its full bright.

These all gives me hope to reunite with u in future.
Have firm belief, will be relieved with this separation torture.

These all gives me strength to withstand during this time.
And one day u will become mine.

3.40 PM

by khushboo gul

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Beauty of expression to expose the common thoughts people think commonly with worries and tensions. Actually reading this piece of word-art we, the reader, could come to a conclusion that what happens everyday on earth, happens for a betterness...... We are the happy legion, for we know Time’s but a golden wind that shakes the grass. Any way, enjoyed the writing from a romantic realist. Thanks PH for posting.
This poem is certainly an absolution. Most wars are started by powerful leaders to make others slave. One who fight to keep their freedom don’t sing about glory of war.
Horror of wounds and anger at the foe, wonderfully penned
i enjoy the way you structured each word. Very Nice!
Golden wind! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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