Absorbed In The Flow Of Dust

There is always that one verse,
That captivates to be remembered first.
When a reader reviews,
A prose a poet has written.
To then volunteer what doesn't appear.

Writing poetry takes an ability to find,
Meaning, purpose and definition.
And often combining humor, cynicism...
With a topic that condenses.
Leaving the reader left attempting,
To make sense of what has been presented.
And more often than not,
Better than the author had intended.

'That one verse?
I loved it.
The way you depicted the Universe,
As relieving you to feel free again.
Once you decided to release your mind,
From bouts of having mental constipation.
I saw it there. Your creativity.'

Thank you.
I'm glad you liked it.~

I must admit this,
Your title...
'Absorbed In The Flow Of Dust'.
Tell me...
Was it your mind?
Or what it was you left behind,
Did you leave to be consumed...
That brought to you the greatest satisfaction?
Your decision to take flight,
Amongst the stars.
Beyond the speed of light? '

Sure. Why not.
That's it. That's it exactly.~

Who do you refer to as,
'....receiving the stench...
To discover you had broken the sound barriar?
Inhabitants of other planets?
The ones you mentioned,
You witnessed abusing Zeus?
Husband of Hera?
Known for her loose and flirtatious ways,
On Jupiter?

~Zeus? Hera? Jupiter?
Of course.
That's it, exactly.
You know...
You are the first one,
To interpret my words as I intended them meant.
Thank you.
'Inhabitants of other planets.'
I like that.
A lot.
Your imagination has been most helpful.
Tell me...
What other poems of mine,
Have you read to re-interpret? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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This is Brilliant this is obviously about postmodern reclamation of the post-colonial vision, removing the patriarchal status and substituting the female gaze prevalent in modern culture, while simultaneously attacking Donald Trumps Toupee... I'm just messing with you man! there's no subtext here, some times a poem is just a poem, people read into what they want to see, at least it gets them thinking about something.