JO (1976 / Tennessee)


There is something unexhausted of you
in this aging washed-out coat
and I lift it to my nose
to taste the smell that desires
to be invited-
ignited in the closing of your breath,
untarnished and thirsty.
Like rage it licks,
and enters my dreams
glossy as brilliance-
rush in my mentation
with warmth that comforts
my skin.
I breathe you in unfathomable...
not wanting to exhale.

by Joyelle Osburn

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Comments (3)

The poem is very striking, resonating with some emotions I've dealt with throughout nearly 3 years. I appreciate very much that you've shared it and please extend a warm compliment to Joyelle from me- she rocks! Please keep on writing! Stay cool. Summer will soon be gone! -Debby Steinberg
I really enjoyed this one on several different levels. I'm intrigued by your depth of bodily senses. Well done Joy!
This is germinal-the kind of poetry you can soak into. Thanks again for another phenomenal piece! Debi