Abstacts Of My Mind

Abstracts Of My Mind

Those diamond jewels
fall from your eyes
as a cloud burst
on a sunny day
and yet laughter
rings in my mind
as a verse of poetry
The silver threads
blown in the winds
an air of fragrant perfume
to recall a vision in a dream
is to remember you
and to sense your presence
from days gone by
for yet a treasure dear

Pleasant are your memories
although bright the day
that shades the sight of you
for shadows of a weary mind
can reminisce only so long
for the climate of reality defines my fantasy
For what I saw in myself was not what others see
and beauty in vision rules out focus of loveliness of integrity
a memory of a young girl stood like beauty on a hill
and in the abstracts of my mind, her beauty reigns there still

by Myrtle Thomas

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