Abstract Living

6.37, I can't be awake.
Arise on an even number, or today won't be too great.
Get up, get washed, get dressed.
Do those in the wrong order, and today will surely be messed.

Pour a cup of boiling water, that passes amongst leaves.
Don't drink it too fast, is what my mind pleads.
Let the drink cool, and clean out my mouth.
With my personal brush, heading North, then South.

Open a rectangular bar of cereal, strangely named a square.
Should I eat it here, or should I eat it there?
Head outside, where the sea falls around.
Landing on my head, but mostly on the ground.

Open another rectangle, or should I say square.
I decided to eat one there, and eat one here.
Enter the place, where I do as I'm told.
And that shall be my mind, until the day I grow cold.

by Benjamin Sorvel

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