Abstract Reasoning

How many years left do I have to drive around on
my little motorbike? Should I write my will?
sit down, and contemplate metaphysical matters,
or use my vast inexperience to tell people how to live
their life…be a sage? I think not. Girls look beautiful
today, only a few months ago they looked frumpy in
thick winter coats, they must have been on a diet,
long legs and erect nipples, October man seeing
a May girl and that’s no good, I mean to look back
that way it only brings cold northwesterly wind,
sneezing sadness and sore on lips. I’m an old dog
chasing a smart sports car, how deflating it would
be if it stopped. “Anything I can do for you sir.”
I’ve forgotten my watch can you tell me the time? ”

by jan oskar hansen

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